Wednesday, May 6, 2020

My Significant Other Free Essays

Art is composed of many different elements. There are many different styles of art that can be taught. Art has been used for thousands of years. We will write a custom essay sample on My Significant Other or any similar topic only for you Order Now Art is a way of expressing life. My favorite kinds of art are expressed through drawings and paintings. In Expressionist Art the artist tries to show strong certain feelings about something important. This can be done through sculptures, paintings, drawings, etc. When I am drawing I tend to draw people and things that relate to a person or multiple people. My sketches are complete with shading. Shading is to show shadows and contrast. My paintings are always outdoors and have to do with animals, plants, and scenery. Painting the sky and ocean have a lot of patience to be dealt with because It takes a right mixture of colors to make It feel lively. Pop art Is the most common art. It has to do with very popular seen people, places, or things. My favorite pop artist is Andy Warhol. The way he deals with the colors and shapes are amazing. I really enjoy the piece he did with Marilyn Monroe and the Campbell soup piece too. Surrealism is a type of art enjoy doing. When I have a strange dream I will take the most particular thing about my dream and turn it into art. I make it very mysterious and lifelike so everyone can witness what I saw in my sleep. I like to leave wonders and thoughts in others minds. Abstract art is also a favorite of mine. I will get a whole munch of random objects and glue them together and make another random object out of all these other pieces. It is very fun and creative. I once went outside and collect things to make a birds nest. Leaves, sucks, and other outdoors objects were collected and my masterpiece was finished. I received an excellent grade. Art Is different for everyone. Some use music as an art form, others use dance as an art form. Any way art is used it is still expressed through the artist. Art has and will always be around. How to cite My Significant Other, Papers

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